About us

Welcome to Les Petits Chiens,

We are Mirian and John van Nispen. In 2021, we decided to live a different type of life. More peace, space and nature. This together with our dachshunds Charlie, Puk and Baerke. Our two sons live and work in the Netherlands.

Baerke, Charlie and Puk, at Moutier d´Ahun

Our location

In Saint Silvain sous Toulx, we have found our new home. After a year of renovating and adapting our typical French house with adjoining land, our accommodation is ready to welcome guests with the same passion: enjoying nature and tranquillity together with your dachshund(s).

Our accommodation is located in the hamlet (in French "Hameau") Le Montaguillaume in the village of Saint Silvain sous Toulx in the Creuse Department. The village is its own commune with 160 inhabitants living in an area of almost 15 km2. The Departement Creuse, belonging to the Limousin region, Nouvelle-Aquataine is located in central France. Distance from Utrecht 845 km and 380 km below Paris.


General information on the area:

Located in the green heart of France, the Creuse is very sparsely populated. The French also affectionately call it : "La France Profonde" or the true France; untouched and original. You can spend hours walking, cycling or driving through the beautiful rolling countryside here, meeting hardly anyone. There is no polluting industry here and no major highways so the air is very clean. Because there is no light pollution, you can see some of the most beautiful starry skies here at night. Also, because of the abundance of nature, it is still really quiet. At dusk the deer walk through the garden and in the evening you can hear the owl from the adjacent forest. The landscape is very varied, with meadows lined with natural stones and hedges, large wooded areas and hills with unprecedented views on the summits. Some of the very friendly people in the Creuse are hard-working farmers who are known for their Limousin cattle, which graze the meadows everywhere. The Creuse has more to offer than just peace and quiet. To discover the sights, brocantes and markets, you will find more information under the heading "INTERESTING" on this website. If you are drawn to enjoying the region together with your dachshund(s), with like-minded dachshund lovers, you will find with us a carefree accommodation adapted to our common passion. Of course, you are also welcome without your dog.

Bienvenue au Les Petits Chiens.

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