Sightseeing, restaurant tips, and what to do in the area.

  • Villages and towns: Boussac, Bourganeuf, La Souterraine, Felletin, Gueret, Montlucon, La Chatre, Aubusson.
  • Toulx Sainte Croix : Old crusader village with viewing tower and church from 10e century, whose nave and tower are separated by a road.
View tower of Toulx Sainte Croix in the fog
Toulx Sainte Croix watchtower
View from the tower of Toulx Sainte Croix
  • Pierres Jaumâtres: a geological peculiarity around which various sagas and legends have developed.
Pierres Jaumâtres
Pierres Jaumâtres
Pierres Jaumâtres
Climbing forest at Pierres Jaumâtres
Climbing forest at Pierres Jaumâtre
  • Chateau de Boussac: a historical monument from the 14th century. Partly known for a novel by French writer George Sand.
Chateau de Boussac
  • Pont Suspendu de Saint-Marien: suspension bridge
Pont Suspendu de Saint-Marien
Pont Suspendu de Saint-Marien
  • Lac de Vassiviere: France's largest reservoir with beaches and various opportunities for water sports.
Lac de Vassiviere
  • Swimming: Leisure centre Courtille (dogs not allowed on beach)
Leisure centre Courtille
  • Swimming: Base de Loisirs de Jouillat swimming lake with sandy beach (dogs not allowed on beach)
Base de Loisirs de Jouillat
  • Chateau de Villemonteix: Built on the site of an ancient Gallo-Roman villa. Built into a castle in the 15th century to protect the inhabitants of nearby villages from enemy soldiers and highwaymen.
Chateau de Villemonteix
  • Chateau Crozant: an impressive ruin of a medieval castle, in the centre of the Vallée des Peintres.
  • Pont Romain in Moutier-d'Ahun: Romanesque bridge over the river Creuse, with beautiful views. Also in this village, surrounded by woods, is a medieval church with a fourteenth-century monastery. Dogs are allowed to swim in the river.
Pont Romain in Moutier-d'Ahun
At Pont Romain in Moutier-d'Ahun, you can swim with your dog
  • Wolf park "Parc Animalier des Monts de Gueret Les Loups de Chabrieres": Large animal park with a wolf museum.
  • Velo-Rail de la Mine: A 10 km cycle-train route through the heart of nature near Bourganeuf.
  • Plateau de Millevaches: Protected natural area of 3,500 km2, spanning three departments. The plateau of "the thousand springs". Large and very sparsely populated natural area where numerous small rivers arise. Beautiful walks can be made here.
  • Pont de Senoueix: A small Romanesque bridge over the river Taurion in Gentioux-Pigerolles.
Pont de Senoueix
  • Bois de Tronçais: National forest of more than 10,000 hectares. Much of the oak trees are used for the purpose of making the finest oak wine barrels. The production time of the trees is 200 to 300 years.
Bois de Tronçais
  • Labyrinth Geant de Monts de Gueret: a park with a giant labyrinth on a site of more than 6 hectares.
Labyrinth Geant de Monts de Gueret
  • Chateaumeillant: Wine region with origins from the 6e century.
  • Masgot: a cute village with the peculiarity of being decorated with granite statues made in the 19th century by a French sculptor.
  • Gargilesse-Dampierre: Extraordinary village with castle, part of Les Plus Beaux Villages De France.
  • Markets and bric-a-brac: weekly markets; Aubusson Saturday morning, Bourganeuf Wednesday morning, Boussac Thursday morning, Gouzon Tuesday morning, Felletin Friday morning, Guéret Thursday morning. There are also numerous brocantes and "house sales". Up-to-date information on brocantes can be found at ""
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  • Hiking trails in the immediate vicinity: 33 hiking trails (from 1.7 kilometres to 20.7 kilometres) and 10 cycling trails (from 18.3 kilometres to 40 kilometres). Information is in the gîte.
Le circuit des vieilles (11km) , start at Church in Saint-Silvain-sous-Toulx
Le circuit des vieilles pierres
Le circuit des vieilles pierres
the path next to our house joins the hiking trail: Le Petit Varaine (10.2 km)

Restaurant tips in the area

  • Gouzon - Le Sully 9 min drive time - L'Hostellerie du Lion d'Or 10 min drive time - Auberge du Golf Gouzon 11 min drive time
  • Boussac - Le Central 18 min drive time - Grand Café des Sports 19 min drive time - Café de la Place 19 min drive time - Le 23 (kebab restaurant) 19 min drive time
  • Toulx Sainte Croix - Les Pierres Jaumatres 19 min drive time
  • Soumans - Le Tikki's 20 min drive time
  • Chambon sure Voueieze - Au bistro D'autrefois 20 min drive time
  • Saint Chabrais - Poivr' et Sel 17 min driving time
  • Chenerailles - Le Coq d'Or 19 min driving time
  • Jarnages - L'Alzire 17 min driving time
  • Gueret capital department with many restaurants including - Buffalo Grill Gueret 25 min drive time - Le Pub Rochefort 25 min drive time
  • Montlucon larger town in Allier department with very many restaurants. Worth mentioning: - Wok Panda 30 min drive time
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